Fans watched Serena Williams during a practice session at Melbourne Park ahead of her second-round win. It was both a joy and a revelation to rediscover the power of what quantum physicists call the “observer effect” — the fact that any observation, however passive, alters an outcome — even in a half-capacity crowd of tennis fans. Sports felt like Sports once more. Nick Kyrgios and Dominic Thiem in one of the last matches with a crowd before the tournament closed to the public.Credit...Alana Holmberg for The New York Times Fans left the Australian Open on Friday after it was announced that the tournament would proceed without spectators for the next five days.Credit...Jaimi Joy/Reuters Then on Friday, the coronavirus did what it has done so relentlessly for the past 11 months: It shut down the party . A recent outbreak was what much of the world would consider a nuisance. But in Australia, which has managed the pandemic more effectively than any other major economy, it qualified as a critical mass. The cluster of coronavirus cases grew to more than a dozen, and the state government of Victoria, where Melbourne is, declared a “snap lockdown” of five days, beginning at midnight Friday. Everyone, except those deemed essential workers, must stay home, though two hours of outdoor exercise and one hour to go to the grocery store or pharmacy are permitted. Players and people considered essential in running the Australian Open will be allowed at Melbourne Park. Spectators, sadly, must stay away until perhaps the singles semifinals, scheduled to start Thursday. “The players will compete in a bubble not dissimilar to what they have done throughout the year,” said Craig Tiley, the chief executive of Tennis Australia, which organizes the tournament. Fans watched Serena Williams during a practice session at Melbourne Park ahead of her second-round win.Credit...Alana Holmberg for The New York Times “It’s been really fun to have the crowd back, especially here,” Serena Williams said after she beat Anastasia Potapova in straight sets in the third round Friday. “But, you know what, at the end of the day we have to do what’s best. Hopefully it will be all right.” I am here to tell you it won’t be. After what I witnessed during the first five days, it’s going to be terrible, without the essential dynamics that make sports the ultimate in improvisational theater. Nick Kyrgios, the tennis antihero everywhere except Australia, where he is beloved, rode the fans to a miracle Wednesday night. He saved two match points in the fourth set against Ugo Humbert, the rising 22-year-old Frenchman.


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Even though I’d kept my water consumption at higher levels, things just weren’t going my way with the same frequency. Staying hydrated within basic physiological expectations just didn’t have the same effects that it used to. At first, I just thought that I had to increase my water consumption. But no matter how much more water I drank, I couldn’t quite achieve the same supernatural results I got the first time. Then, I was struck with the idea that it was the way I drank water, not the amount, that would give me the answers I wanted. Quality over quantity, as it were. Over the next few weeks, I would descend into the depths of depravity as I experimented thoughtlessly with different ways of consuming water, chasing the feeling I had for that first month of maintaining a healthy hydration level. The first thing I tried was combining different ratios of boiled water, tap water and ice. I know, it sounds counterproductive, but boiling and freezing drastically change the taste of water. I hypothesized that I could find a perfect ratio between these three states of water, that mixing them would create just the right reaction. And to some extent, I was right. I finally felt like I was enjoying water again, at least a little bit. I should have stopped there. I should have walked away with that small victory. But I wasn’t satisfied. I will not go into detail about exactly what I did over the course of my experiments, but I will say that several amphibious animals were involved. Eventually, my experimentation brought me to a point where I had to get a chest X-ray. After this sobering experience, I pretty much accepted that I would not be able to recreate the feeling of drinking a healthy, normal amount of water for the first time ever again. Not only that, but I also realized my obsession with maximizing my water drinking had resulted in me having less time for side projects, such as my education and my social life.